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Also known as brachioplasty, arm lift surgery is performed at our Gilbert or Scottsdale AZ office by Dr. Jude LaBarbera. The arm lift procedure aims to remove excess skin and tissue from the upper arm area. It is a popular choice by post weight loss patients who may have flabby upper arms as a result of age, heredity factors, or weight loss. While the upper arm may be tightened with the help of exercise, additional attention is often required to excise the excessive skin (‘wings’). Dr. Jude LaBarbera performs arm reshaping surgery to help women and men get slimmer, youthful-looking arms.

From the first visit to the last day of recovery, Dr. LaBarbera works individually with each one of his patient’s to achieve the desired results. Whether your sagging skin is caused by muscle deterioration, weight loss, or aging. Dr. LaBarbera will devise a proper treatment plan just for you. Countless patients in Gilbert, Scottsdale, Phoenix, and surrounding Arizona areas are satisfied with their results.


Brachioplasty is a contouring procedure that tones and tightens your upper arm. You may be a good candidate for this procedure if you:

  • Are dissatisfied with the current appearance of your upper arms
  • Wish to eliminate ‘wings’ from the armpit or underarm areas
  • Wish to make arms that are sagging as a result of weight loss look firmer and younger

In order to maintain their weight, patients who receive an arm lift ought to stick to a healthy diet and exercise regimen. This is important because substantial weight fluctuation can negate what’s been achieved by the procedure. Overall health is also very important when it comes to any surgical procedure – cosmetic or not. Dr. Jude LaBarbera will ask questions and conduct an assessment to ensure each patient’s suitability for this procedure.


The length and pattern of the incision made depends on the amount and location of excess skin that needs to be removed. The arm lift surgeon may place the incision on the back or inner side of the arm. Once the incision is made, excess fat may be excised through liposuction. Once optimal shaping and smoothing have been completed, your surgeon will tighten the skin, and close the incisions sites using absorbable sutures. Dr. Jude LaBarbera uses modern surgical techniques to accomplish the desired aesthetic results while at the same time minimizing scarring from the procedure.


Arm lift procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation administered by a professional anesthesiologist. This is generally an outpatient procedure that’s typically completed in about 2 hours. In some cases, patients may be required to stay overnight for monitoring. After surgery, Dr. LaBarbera and his team will issue the patient with a compression garment that helps protect the surgery area. Patients can expect bruising and swelling immediately after the procedure, but this fades away with time. The surgeon will require that you keep your arms elevated in order to ensure optimal circulation of blood. Many patients are able to regain full use of their arms within just a few weeks.

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The LaBarbera clinic is a full-service plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery practice offering a broad range of procedures to enhance your natural beauty and take your confidence to the next level. We go the extra mile to make each patient comfortable and our surgical team works together to achieve results as dramatic or as subtle as you desire. Dr. Jude LaBarbera takes great pride sharing in each patient’s vision and working diligently to help each one of them feel more attractive, confident, and vivacious than ever before. If you are wondering whether plastic surgery with Dr. Jude LaBarbera can help reach your goals, see our before and after photos from patients who are already living with their results.

Planning your Arm Lift surgery in Arizona

The surgery takes just about 2 hours and patients can expect a full recovery in 4-6 weeks. Insurance typically does not pay for this cosmetic procedure.

Dr. Jude LaBarbera performs arm lift surgery at his ultra-modern office operating room in Scottsdale or Gilbert, supported by a team of highly professional and licensed staff.

Average Cost


Procedure Time
2 Hours
Recovery Time
4 – 6 Weeks
Not Covered

Arm Lift FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any scars?

Like with all surgeries where incisions are made, patients can expect some scarring from brachioplasty. Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Glendale, Chandler, Gilbert AZ under arm skin removal surgeon, Dr. LaBarbera, takes all precautions to minimize the extent of scarring during arm lift surgery. Any scarring that may be evident immediately after surgery tends to fade away with time. Patients are encouraged to join Dr. Labarbera’s post-surgery scar care guidelines to ensure optimal healing of scars. Your surgeon will also require that you avoid exposure to the sun over the next few months after the procedure. This and other instructions help ensure an uninterrupted recovery process. Furthermore, the benefits of arm lift surgery far outweigh any minor scarring that may happen.

Arm lift or liposuction?

Many patients weigh between having an arm lift and liposuction as a solution for toning the upper arms. During your initial consultation, Dr. Jude LaBarbera will conduct a physical examination and help determine the best treatment plan for you. Liposuction is usually used to remove excess fat from your upper arms region. However, an arm lift still has to be performed in order to tighten the skin and give a more natural look. In some cases where there’s no excess fat to be removed, liposuction might not even be needed. Given your skin’s elasticity, amount of fat that needs to be excised and your expected outcome, Dr. LaBarbera should be able to plan an effective arm lift procedure for you.

Can this be performed with other procedures?

Your surgeon may recommend that you combine brachioplasty with another cosmetic procedure in order to get the most benefits out of your visit. Arm lift surgery is typically paired with a tummy tuck, breast lift, or liposuction. The possibility of combining an arm lift with other procedures will be discussed during your initial consultation with Dr. Jude LaBarbera. This visit is also an excellent opportunity for patients to ask any questions they may have to the surgeon, as well as convey their concerns and expectations.

What kind or results can I expect with arm lift surgery?

The goal of brachioplasty is to remove sagging skin so that you get well toned and tighter upper arms. After surgery, patients can benefit from building muscles through strength training. This should only be done after you have fully recovered, subject to approval by your surgeon. In order to maintain the results of an arm lift, patients are also advised to pursue a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and exercise.

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