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Breast asymmetry happens when a woman’s breasts are significantly different in size. While minor size differences are normal, some women have a have a noticeable mismatch in size and shape. This causes many challenges and many affected women find that they are self-conscious, or have difficulty getting clothing to fit properly. Others are anxious about wearing a swimsuit and live in fear about having to expose their mismatched breasts. In some severe cases, this condition can be disfiguring. Dr. Jude LaBarbera’s procedure for correction of breast asymmetry helps women in Gilbert, Scottsdale, Phoenix and surrounding Arizona areas to achieve a uniform size in both breasts.
Breast asymmetry is treated in a variety of ways – usually depending on the patient’s physique, aesthetic goals, and anatomy. In some cases, the solution may be to reduce the size of the larger breast using a breast reduction procedure. In some other instances, one or both breasts need to be augmented with breast implants. A further lift procedure may be necessary to reshape the positioning and contouring of breasts on both sides.

Dr. LaBarbera works closely with this patients to attain each individual’s desired results, and help women feel confident about their breasts. If you or a relative suffers from a significant mismatch in breast shape/size, contact Dr. Jude LaBarbera and his team to discuss options.

Causes of Breast Asymmetry

There are many different causes of breast asymmetry. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Uneven breast development during adolescence
  • Loss or gain of weight
  • Virginal hypertrophy – this is the extreme development of one breast in a teenager or young adult
  • Non-uniform shrinkage as a result of aging
  • Uneven shrinkage as a result of a medical condition
  • Mastectomy (when treating breast cancer)
  • Mastitis – this is breast infection usually caused by breastfeeding
  • Poor results from a previous augmentation procedure

Candidates of Breast Asymmetry Surgery

Breast asymmetry correction is a highly personalized procedure and may not be ideal for everyone. During your first consultation with Dr. LaBarbera, a decision will be made regarding your suitability for this type of corrective surgery.

Generally, you may be a good candidate if:

  • You have fully developed breasts
  • You have a significant mismatch in breast shape or size
  • One of your breasts is lower than the other
  • You are physically healthy
  • You have realistic expectations

After Surgery

Breast asymmetry correction surgery is typically completed same day at Dr. LaBarbera’s office. Patients need to relax at home the first two days after surgery. The surgeon will issue a comfortable surgical bra with adjustable straps, pain medication, and other recovery necessities. Most people are up and around after the first few days. However, any form of heavy lifting, exercise and strenuous activities should be avoided throughout the first three weeks. It’s common for patients to feel more tired during the first week, and a little sore at the end of each day.

Since breast asymmetry surgery requires incisions, scars are inevitable. Dr. LaBarbera pursues surgical techniques that accomplish the desired results while at the same time minimizing scarring. He also has a follow-up scar treatment program to help minimize the appearance of any scars. About 4-8 weeks after the surgery, the breasts will have a small lumpy area where the internal sutures are located. Any such lump will go away after the sutures are absorbed. Patients can expect full recovery in about 2 months.

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Dr. Labarbera’s

The surgical technique Dr. LaBarbera uses for this procedure will vary depending on the severity of your asymmetry. In many cases though, breast augmentation (placing breast implants) in one or both breasts will correct this issue. The surgeon will consider your breast shape, nipple position, breast density, and the patient’s rib cage contours to ensure the most natural looking symmetry possible.

Dr. LaBarbera individualizes every procedure to meet the unique needs of each patient. Patients who have a severe asymmetry may receive an augmentation in the smaller breast and a reduction procedure in the larger breast. For patients who have asymmetry as a result of shrinkage, breast augmentation with lift may help achieve optimal results. For other patients, Dr. LaBarbera will use different sized implants for correction of breast asymmetry.

All these possibilities will be discussed during the patient’s initial consultation with Dr. Jude LaBarbera. This visit allows the surgeon to collect vital information about your asymmetry, and explain the various treatment options available to you. It is also an opportunity for the patient to ask any questions they may have, and let their expectations get known by your plastic surgeon.

Planning your Breast Symmetry surgery

It’s important for patients to prepare ahead for the surgery. This helps to make sure that things go smooth during the recovery process. The cost of breast asymmetry surgery will vary widely from one patient to the other – depending on the severity of the issue, and the treatment options that need to be applied. Make sure to ask all the questions related to the cost of the procedure and other concerns during your consultation visit with Dr. LaBarbera.

Average Cost
Procedure Time
1 – 3 Hours
Recovery Time
1 – 2 Weeks
Not Covered

Breast Asymmetry Correction FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the results permanent?

The permanency of breast asymmetry correction surgery may vary widely depending on the treatment options used. In some cases, future changes in your breasts may necessitate follow-up surgery to maintain breast symmetry. It may also be necessary to replace breast implants at some point in time. This is not a major concern though because implants typically last for over 15 years.

Generally, though, surgeons recommend that you wait till after breast development, childbearing and breastfeeding before you can have breast asymmetry correction surgery. Make sure to ask any individual questions that you may have to Dr. LaBarbera or his staff.

Are there any alternatives to surgery?

If you suffer from breast asymmetry, there may be alternative options to cosmetic surgery. These may include wearing padded bras, accepting the way you are, and other conventional approaches. Surgery is only ideal if you are very uncomfortable with your mismatch, and harbor realistic expectations.

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