Dr. Jude LaBarbera offers a wide spectrum of treatments for patients who are looking to turn back the clock without going under the knife. There were 15.7 million cosmetic minimally invasive and non-surgical procedures in 2017, compared to just 1.8 million cosmetic surgical procedures. This is according to data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. As non-surgical procedures become affordable and accessible, Dr. Jude LaBarbera makes the entire range of options available for his patients in Scottsdale, Gilbert, Phoenix, and surrounding AZ areas.


BOTOX and Dysport injections are very popular with Dr. Jude LaBarbera’s patients. These nonsurgical treatments help remove forehead creases, crow’s feet, and frown lines to give the patient a fresh and rejuvenated appearance. The procedure takes less than an hour to administer, and recovery is usually immediate so patients are able to go back to their daily routines. After a Dysport or BOTOX injection, visible improvements are evident within the first 24 hours but may take up to 5 days to manifest.



This is a nonsurgical cosmetic treatment that uses soft tissue fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane to fill lines, creases, wrinkles, and blemishes. After treatment, patients achieve a plumped up, smooth and youthful appearance. During treatment, which takes about 30 minutes, Dr. LaBarbera will inject the most appropriate dermal filler into the skin using special needles. Recovery is immediate and patients are able to return to work thereafter. It may take a few days for discoloration and swelling, which are side effects of filler treatment, to go away.



Non-surgical treatment is a safe and effective treatment for patients who seek to enhance the appearance of the nose without undergoing surgery. Dr. Jude LaBarbera uses botulinum toxins and injectable fillers to achieve the patient’s desired results. Dr. LaBarbera may use a topical numbing cream to make you comfortable. The entire treatment takes about 30 minutes to complete, and patients are able to return to routine activities within 24 hours. Any signs of tenderness or mild swelling go away within 2 weeks.



Non-surgical lip augmentation is a very popular treatment for both men and women (especially women). Dr. Jude LaBarbera uses noninvasive means to give his patients plump, smooth lips that boost their smile and add to their confidence. This procedure is performed at Dr. LaBarbera’s ultra-modern operating room under general anesthesia. The treatment takes about an hour to administer, and patients are able to go home the same day to continue with recovery. Although swelling and bruising may be present, these subside after a few days. Most of his patients recover within days, but it may take up to a few weeks for the full results to manifest.



This is a procedure that corrects loss of volume on the cheeks and helps patients achieve an appealing, youthful appearance. Non-surgical cheek augmentation is performed as an outpatient procedure. The surgeon may use anesthesia to keep the patient comfortable during the treatment. The entire procedure takes 1-3 hours to complete. You may experience side effects such as bruising, swelling and numbness. But these go away within a week. It may take up to a few months for the full results of the noninvasive cheek augmentation to manifest.



The LaBarbera clinic is a full-service plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery practice offering a broad range of procedures to enhance your natural beauty and take your confidence to the next level. We go the extra mile to make each patient comfortable and our surgical team works together to achieve results as dramatic or as subtle as you desire. Dr. Jude LaBarbera takes great pride sharing in each patient’s vision and working diligently to help each one of them feel more attractive, confident, and vivacious than ever before. If you are wondering whether plastic surgery with Dr. Jude LaBarbera can help reach your goals, see our before and after photos from patients who are already living with their results.