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Dr. Jude LaBarbera is a Gilbert plastic surgeon who specializes in breast, body, and facial cosmetic procedures. Dr. LaBarbera has helped countless men and women from Gilbert, and surrounding Arizona areas re-invent themselves with advanced plastic surgery. Working to be of the best plastic surgeons in Gilbert, AZ, he has worked with numerous women who are looking to enhance their breasts, body, and face through cosmetic procedures, as well as women who have had a mastectomy and are looking to plastic surgery to feel whole again. Many of Dr. LaBarbera’s patients know him for his fine professionalism, personalized approach, and commitment to results. He is equipped in the latest plastic surgery techniques and technology so patients no longer have to travel out of state for high-level treatment.

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Breast Plastic Surgery Procedures in Gilbert, AZ

Breast enhancement surgery can be very rewarding if you work with the right plastic surgeon. This is a highly individualized procedure and every woman deserves a surgeon who has got the skills, experience, and dedication to healthy, beautiful results. Dr. LaBarbera is one of the leading Gilbert plastic surgeons for cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery. He works with women who want to improve sagging or small breasts through a boob job or breast lift procedure. Dr. LaBarbera has also helped scores of women who faced a mastectomy or lumpectomy feel whole again after facing breast cancer. Whatever concerns you may have about breast surgery, Dr. LaBarbera will answer all your questions and suggest an individualized treatment plan to accomplish the desired results.

Jude LaBarbera MD Plastic Surgery of Gilbert, offers the following breast procedure choices:

Breast augmentation
Also referred to as a ‘boob job’, breast augmentation is the most popular of all cosmetic procedures. Every year, over 300,000 women receive this treatment in order to enhance the size and volume of the breasts. Dr. LaBarbera offers Gilbert breast augmentation to women who are uncomfortable with their breast size or shape

Breast lift
This procedure is also referred to as mastopexy, and is designed to help women improve the firmness and perkiness of their breasts. This treatment is common for women who are struggling with cucumber shaped or sagging breasts.

Breast reduction
Large breasts are often a desirable characteristic. However, some women have breasts that are too large that they cause emotional, physical, or psychological discomfort. Breast reduction treatment aims to reduce breast size in order to alleviate these concerns.

Breast revision
For women who are unhappy with the results of prior breast surgery, Dr. LaBarbera offers revision procedures to achieve the desired results.

Breast reconstruction
Dr. LaBarbera’s Gilbert breast reconstruction procedure is popular with women who have lost either one or both breasts to cancer. This procedure is performed in line with each patient’s preferences, either using autologous tissue or implants.

Body Contouring Plastic Surgery in Gilbert Arizona

Jude LaBarbera, MD Plastic Surgery of Gilbert, provides body contouring procedures to both male and female clients in Gilbert, AZ. Many of these procedures work by removing excess fat or skin from certain areas of the body in order to help the patient achieve their desired body shape.

Gilbert cosmetic surgeon Dr. LaBarbera is a widely recognized specialist in the following body contouring procedures:

Mommy makeover 
Mommy makeover is a popular procedure with women who have just come from childbearing and are looking to restore their pre-pregnancy body contour and youthfulness. This treatment usually combines a number of cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tuck. When opting for your Gilbert mommy makeover The surgeon will develop a personalized treatment plan based on each patient’s needs and trouble areas.

Tummy tuck
Dr. LaBarbera offers this procedure to Gilbert, AZ men and women who are looking to remove excess belly fat and skin in order to achieve a firm and well-toned abdominal profile.

This is a common Gilbert plastic surgery procedure for women who are looking to resolve excessively large labia that causes physical discomfort or embarrassment during sexual intimacy.

Vaginal tightening
Vaginal tightening is a purely cosmetic procedure that can help ‘tighten up’ a vaginal that has become loose due to aging or vaginal childbearing.

Dr. LaBarbera offers liposuction cosmetic procedures in Gilbert, Scottsdale, and surrounding Arizona areas. Liposuction aims to remove stubborn pockets of fat in order to tone and contour difficult areas of the body where exercise and diet don’t seem to help.

Arm lift
This cosmetic procedure removes excess fat and skin from the upper arms in order to enhance the area.

Thigh lift
This treatment that seeks to reshape your thighs through the removal of excess skin and fat from the area. Thigh lifts result in a smoother and well proportioned lower body contour.