Qualities to Look for in a Plastic Surgeon

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Dr. Jude LaBarbera, MD Plastic Surgeon


Qualities to Look for in a Plastic Surgeon

Regardless of the cosmetic procedure you are looking to have, selecting the best plastic surgeon in Phoenix AZ can go a long way to ensure that you are happy with the outcome. But given that there are possibly dozens of plastic surgeons in your city, this can be a hectic and demanding process. The idea is to identify a practitioner who has unique skills and qualities along with extensive experience performing successful procedures. This post offers easy tips to help you find the best plastic surgeon for the job.

Board Certification

Board certification is arguably the most important consideration when looking for a plastic surgeon to work with in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Gilbert, Mesa, and other AZ cities. The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) is responsible for certifying and accrediting plastic surgeons who adhere to the highest levels of safety and professionalism. Membership with other professional organizations such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is another positive indication of a plastic surgeon who is committed to professional development.


Not all plastic surgeons are the same, which is why it is important to consider the training a specific practitioner has had. For instance, a surgeon who is trained in plastic surgery may not necessarily excel at all types of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. Some types of procedures need special training in skills such as microsurgery. It is important to assess your plastic surgeon’s training background to make sure they have been educated in the procedures they claim to perform.


Experience is another important aspect that must be put into consideration when interviewing plastic surgeons. Seasoned plastic surgeons have dealt with numerous patients before and are in a better position to figure out what works and what doesn’t. During your initial consultation visit with a plastic surgeon, you want to ask what specific experience they have in the specific procedure that you are interested in. Have they performed dozens of successful procedures or are they just getting started?


Before and after photos tell the story of what a plastic surgeon has been able to achieve with past patients. They also tell you what you might be able to expect after your plastic surgery. Most plastic surgeons will have these photos on their website or social media presence. You may also ask to see them when you visit for an initial consultation. Some plastic surgeons even go a step further and create a digital impression of the results you can expect based on your own photograph. This allows you to ask questions and suggest modifications before you actually have the surgery.

Customer Service

From the moment you first visit a plastic surgeon’s office, you should get a first impression of how they treat their customers. Do they seem friendly and excited to help you through? Planning for plastic surgery can be an anxious experience and nobody wants to deal with uncooperative people. Check to see how friendly and professional the surgeon’s client manager and other staff members are. Customer service should always be a priority – no compromises here.


Now that you have attended an initial consultation visit with your preferred plastic surgeon, you should be able to gauge how comfortable you are with them. How do they answer your questions? Do they seem to understand your needs and requirements? Does the plastic surgeon’s style and approach inspire confidence? You want to work with a plastic surgeon you are entirely comfortable with and who is on top of your needs and expectations.


Plastic surgery should be performed at an accredited surgical facility. This ensures that should anything go wrong during the procedure, you’ll be in a safe environment where remedial measures can be taken. Minor procedures are often performed at the plastic surgeon’s in-office operating room, but more complicated procedures may need to be completed at a more advanced facility. It is important that you ask where your surgery will be performed just for your peace of mind. The facility should be either certified by the state or national licensing authorities.


Plastic surgery outcomes have improved drastically over the years. Most procedures are completed successfully and within the confines of safety. But identifying and working with the right plastic surgeon is nonetheless important to increase the chance that everything goes according to plan.