Cost of Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale AZ

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Dr. Jude LaBarbera, MD Plastic Surgeon


Cost of Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale AZ

If you have thought of or are planning to have a plastic surgery procedure in Scottsdale AZ, the cost is an important consideration. This is more so true when talking about cosmetic procedures – which are not usually covered by health insurers. The cost of plastic surgery in The Grand Canyon State can vary widely based on a number of factors as shown in this article.

1. Type of procedure selected

Many types of reconstructive plastic surgeries (e.g., breast reconstruction) are considered to be a medical necessity and thus covered by health insurers. When it comes to cosmetic surgeries, though, you’ll need to pay out of pocket. The specific cost that you pay for the treatment will be determined by the type of procedure you select. 

2. The extensiveness of the surgery

The cost of plastic surgery is also influenced by the extensiveness of the procedure. If the surgery itself is extensive or covers more areas, then you can expect to pay more for the same procedure type. 

3. The surgeon’s experience

As you might expect, a more experienced Scottsdale AZ plastic surgeon such as Dr. LaBarbera can be expected to charge more than, let’s say, a newly practicing plastic surgeon. This would make sense though because the more experienced and qualified a plastic surgeon is, the higher the chance that the treatment will result in a successful outcome. This is one facet of the cost where you really should never compromise.

4. Facility fees

Plastic surgery procedures may be performed in an in-office operating room or an accredited third-party medical facility. Regardless of the location, you can expect to pay a fee for the facility. This fee could be different from the initial quoted cost of the procedure. During your initial consultation with a plastic surgeon, ask that you get a comprehensive breakdown of the costs along with the sum total that you should be expected to pay.

5. Anesthesiologist fees

Anesthesiologists are the medical doctors who administer anesthesia to manage pain and ensure your comfort and safety during surgical procedures. Just like the plastic surgeon, the anesthesiologist needs to be paid. The fee can vary based on their experience level and level of training.

6. Medication and materials

Following a plastic surgery procedure, you’ll need to purchase medication such as antibiotics and pain killers. You may also need to purchase recovery materials such as compression garments and ice packs. Not to forget, your recovery area at home needs extra pillows, entertainment accessories, and other supplies that will all contribute to the total cost of your plastic surgery.

7. Future appointments

Future appointments may be needed to check on your progress or consult your plastic surgeon on certain issues. In unique cases, some patients may be dissatisfied with the outcome of their initial plastic surgery and may need a revision procedure performed by a separate plastic surgeon altogether. Dr. LaBarbera has performed a number of revision procedures to correct dissatisfactory results and knows all too well how costly they can be. It is important for patients who are planning to have plastic surgery to do everything possible to select a highly qualified specialist (for the specific procedure that they are interested in) and take the necessary steps to prep their body and mind for the surgery.


During your one-on-one visit to Dr. LaBarbera’s Scottsdale office, our team will provide an individualized (and comprehensive) cost estimate based on your unique treatment requirements and goals.