How to Prepare for Your Breast Augmentation

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Dr. Jude LaBarbera, MD Plastic Surgeon


How to Prepare for Your Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery that aims to reconstruct the breast. Also called augmentation mammoplasty, or boob job, it is performed through surgical implantations, or through fat transfer to the breasts, otherwise called liposuction surgery. These implants are synthetic parts that are either placed under the chest muscles, or the breast tissues to give the appealing look yearned for. Different individuals undergo this procedure because of different reasons. The important factor to note is that you should undergo breast augmentation because you want to and not because you need to. This article contains tips to guide you while preparing for breast augmentation surgery.

Have a Trusted Friend Help

A friend you trust can positively impact you before and after surgery. He/she could encourage you, support you all the way both mentally and physically, comfort you, and help you run errands that might be difficult especially after surgery. Since the surgeon recommends that you have a person to take you to the hospital, and pick you up post-surgery, this friend could play that role.

Ensure You are in Good Health

While preparing for surgery, your surgeon would have to examine your general body and mental health to be able to determine whether you are fit for surgery or not. This includes performing several blood tests, and tests on major parts of the body such as the chest and heart. You can obtain a good physical and mental health through regular exercise, eating a well-balanced meal, and having plenty of time to rest. If it would help, stay around people who fill you with happiness to be able to maintain a positive mindset.

Follow the Surgeon’s Instructions

While preparing for your breast augmentation surgery, your surgeon will give you several instructions to follow without fail. These are as listed below:
– Stop all kinds of alcohol consumption for at least two weeks before surgery. Alcohol lengthens the healing duration and increases injuries.
– Stop any kind of smoking, and drug and substance abuse for at least 3 weeks before surgery. They contain nicotine which increases the healing period and chances of post-surgical complications.
– Stop using all kinds of blood thinner medications such as aspirin, and ibuprofen for at least two weeks before surgery because they slow down the body’s process of forming clots that prevent excessive bleeding. Also, cut off the use of supplements such as vitamin E, omega-3, and garlic. In the case where they are prescribed to you by a doctor, inform your surgery prior to surgery.
– Keep a healthy diet and hygiene. This could be accompanied by drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated for normal functioning of the body’s organs.
– Take all medications prescribed by the surgeon to the letter, complete all the lab tests, diagnostic tests, and medical evaluations before the time for surgery.

Make Required and Proper Post-surgery Arrangements

Early preparation helps minimize a lot of inconveniences that would arise later. To be on the safer side, ensure that you prepare everything you want to be in order when you come out of surgery. Some of them include;
– Organize your transportation to and from the hospital. Because of the pain and the discomfort you would be experiencing, you won’t be able to do it yourself.
– Leave your house in order by doing some general cleaning, paying off unsettled debts, and finding a caregiver to take care of your kids and pets if you have any. A caregiver would provide assistance for a longer duration while you fully recover.
– Go shopping for some extra comfortable clothing to wear after surgery. They should be twice your normal size to avoid sticking to your wounds. You could also shop for entertainment items such as novels, movies, and magazines to keep you entertained.
– Build a little haven within your home at a place convenient for you. It could be in your bedroom or in another separate room. This is where you would spend most of your time while recovering.
– Make sure to set up a higher platform near your little haven to avoid regular bending which might open the wounds.

Get Ready on the Day Before Surgery

On this day, confirm whether everything listed in your pre-surgery preparation list is done. Here are some points to guide you.
– Carry out the final house chores and laundry to keep everything in order which includes taking out the trash.
– Place all your post-surgery wear at an easily accessible place including all the medications, ice packs, vitamins, and any other recommendations from the surgeon.
– Ensure that your car is full of gas to avoid running late for the surgery.
– Do not eat or drink anything 12 hours to the time of surgery. Although the surgeon’s time differs, follow your surgeon’s instructions.
– Pack all the necessary things you would need for tomorrow such as an extra pair of clothes.
– Have a good night’s sleep to relax and prepare you mentally for the next day’s procedure.

What to do on the Day of Surgery

This is the due day you’ve been preparing for. It is important to remain calm and maintain positivity of mind.
– If you are using any medication, take them with you to the surgeon. Do not take them before surgery.
– Take a warm, lovely shower since it is going to take some time before you shower again to avoid wetting the bandages.
– Don’t apply any body lotion, makeup, hairspray, or antiperspirant. This includes any form of jewelry, or contact lenses.
– Keep time and arrive at the hospital as advised by the surgeon.


These instructions are meant to help smoothen your surgical procedure, follow them to the letter without flouting any. When it’s time for surgery, remain calm and trust your surgeon. Post-surgery, have a positive mindset as you await your full recovery to celebrate the amazing results.