13 Reasons to Get Breast Implants

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Dr. Jude LaBarbera, MD Plastic Surgeon


13 Reasons to Get Breast Implants

Deciding to get breast implants is one of the most important decisions you could ever make in your lifetime. This is why one has to seriously contemplate and think of all the positive and negative impacts. Different people choose to get breast implants due to different reasons. For some, it might be due to social reasons while others due to personal reasons. Here are a few reasons that could prompt you to get breast implants.

1. To Enhance Your Appearance

Breast implants generally enhance a person’s appearance, especially for those individuals who enjoy a lot of attention. It is the perfect remedy as it gives your body something extra to make you feel and look more attractive.

2. To Expand Your Clothing Outfit

Breast implants definitely enhance the size and shape of your breasts. This gives you a greater advantage of expanding your wardrobe to accommodate all the designer outfits you’ve always admired. Your body would look better in any outfit as you showcase your new figure, style, and personality.

3. Build Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is defined as an attitude about your abilities and skills. It is more of you trusting and believing in yourself, your qualities, and your judgements. When a person does not feel confident in their bodies, breast implants are an option to build on that. You will end up loving your new look, hence feeling good about yourself.

4. To Create Better Body Proportions

In most cases, you might find that small breasts do not easily blend with your body figure especially if you are one with wide hips. Getting breast implants would enlarge the size of your breasts to perfectly blend in with your figure no matter what outfit you decide to put on. They would create a more balanced and equal body proportion just the way you would want them to.

5. After Rapid Weight Loss

Undergoing rapid weight loss leaves the body with excess hanging skin that distorts your body curves, to include the breasts. They end up becoming less full and plump as before. Getting breast implants will make your breasts look full, more rounded, and very firm.

6. Post Mastectomy

Mastectomy is a surgery that is performed to eliminate a breast damaged by cancer or any other disease. When a woman undergoes mastectomy, she might feel the need to restore her breasts’ initial features hence restoring her self-esteem. Breast implants will perfectly reconstruct the breasts to look even much better than before.

7. In Order to Look Younger

The more a woman grows old, the more the breasts fall, losing their firmness. Afterwards they begin to sag and even decrease in size. When such a woman gets breast implants and undergoes breast lift surgery, the breasts are able to return to their state and look much younger and healthier.

8. To Restore the Body After Pregnancy

We all know that pregnancy deforms the shape of the breasts because of the swelling to create more room for the baby’s milk. After giving birth and breastfeeding, the breasts decrease in volume and begin to sag. Breast implants can fill up the breasts restoring the lost volume to create upright, attractive, and beautiful breasts.

9. To Correct Breast Symmetry

For some women, they find their breasts not always symmetrical, which makes them feel less confident, especially in public places. Such a condition can be corrected using a breast implant on the smaller breast to make it similar to the other breast.

10. Want to Benefit From the Positive Impacts of Breast Enlargement

Getting breast implants is entirely a person’s choice. It should not be done to please someone else, instead, it should be done to please one’s own self. As a woman who wishes to have breast implants, she should have positive expectations, and be open to any possibility of its outcome.

11. Boost Your Sex Life

It is typically said that women who get breast implants experience higher levels of sexual arousal and satisfaction, which is accompanied with the feeling of sexiness.

12. They Last for a Longer Period of Time

Breast implants are implanted for long-term rather than short-term. Although they are not for a lifetime, they can perform their role for as long as 15 years after implantation.

13. Improve Naturally Smaller Breasts

Women who naturally have smaller breasts and desire to have larger or enhanced breasts can opt for breast implants as the remedy.


Although the reasons for getting a breast implant vary from one individual to another, they are generally good and help a great deal of women in more than one way.