How to Choose the Best Plastic Surgeon in Phoenix

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Dr. Jude LaBarbera, MD Plastic Surgeon


How to Choose the Best Plastic Surgeon in Phoenix

If you’re thinking about undergoing plastic surgery in Phoenix in order to improve your appearance, choosing the right plastic surgeon is a top priority. This can however be a hectic undertaking especially considering the large number of plastic surgeons operating in Phoenix. The right plastic surgeon should be dedicated to their work, highly trained, skilled, and experienced. If you are keen to have plastic surgery for whatever reasons, this article offers some basic tips to help you choose right.

Is the Plastic Surgeon Board Certified?

Qualified plastic surgeons are board-certified in plastic surgery under the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). A board-certified plastic surgeon has had at least six years of extensive surgical training with an additional three years of practice in plastic surgery. He has satisfactorily passed a rigorous specialty examination and has demonstrated a secure and safe ethical surgical practice. Your ideal surgeon must be able to provide proof that he is board-certified.

Is the Plastic Surgeon’s Facility Accredited

Plastic surgery is seen more as a medical art that improves a person’s appearance. It involves invasive complex procedures that are performed in an ambulant center, or in the surgeon’s office-based facility. Before choosing a plastic surgeon, you will have to confirm if his facility is fully accredited. A fully accredited facility strictly adheres to the measures and standards kept for safety, proper equipment, staffing, and surgeon’s credentials. To be able to know whether a facility is accredited, check for Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF), and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO).

Is the Plastic Surgeon Specialized in the Field of Plastic Surgery That you Want?

There are several types of plastic surgery, including both invasive and non-invasive treatments. Each one of them involves unique procedures to achieve the desired results. Before selecting a plastic surgeon, make sure that he is specialized in the type of plastic surgery that you want. He should have enough experience of at least 10 years within that particular field.

Check the Reviews, Comments, and Testimonials in Their Website

Each accredited and board-certified plastic surgeon has a website. Here, patients who have had an encounter with the plastic surgeon post their remarks, comments, and testimonials. It is more of a source to get first-hand information about the surgeon from real-life experiences. Before you select an ideal surgeon, make sure to check his website for both positive and negative reviews. This will guide you to make the right decision.

A Plastic Surgeon Should Ask and Answer Questions

The best plastic surgeon should be able to ask you several questions. These questions should not necessarily be based on the type of plastic surgery that you want to undergo. He should ask about your past medical records, your reasons for wanting to have plastic surgery, and so on. Also, he should engage you in an open conversation about the benefits, risks, and complications of plastic surgery. This way, he will be able to establish trust among you.

Pay Close Attention to how the Surgeon Makes you Feel

The relationship between a patient and a surgeon should exceed that of a doctor and a patient. It should have a deeper connection since this is someone you will be entrusting your life to. You have to feel comfortable, relaxed, and trusting. This way, you will be confident that the plastic surgeon will take good care of you even if something unexpected occurs.

Ask About the Cost of Surgery

Before choosing a particular plastic surgeon, ask about the cost. There are different types of plastic surgeries. Each one of them is uniquely performed with different charges. Similarly, the way one surgeon charges for his services may differ from another surgeon. Although plastic surgeries are generally considered to be costly, always ensure that you discuss the cost of surgery with the plastic surgeon. This will also help you to plan your finances and be able to agree on a paying method if needed.

How Reliable and Available is the Surgeon?

The right plastic surgeon should be reliable and available in all areas. In terms of reliability, the plastic surgeon should have codes and ethics that direct him to have integrity and honesty. He should be dedicated to his work and always perform to the best of his ability. When it comes to availability, the best plastic surgeon should always be available. He should be easy to reach either through his direct line, or office line whenever you want to consult about anything that comes up in mind. These traits will help you to build more confidence and trust in your surgeon.


Attitudes about plastic surgery have changed immensely over the last few decades. Millions of Americans have already benefited from top cosmetic procedures such as liposuction, rhinoplasty, and breast augmentation. The key is to find the right plastic surgeon in order to ensure a positive outcome. Once you have your shortlist, an important rule of the thumb is to schedule a consultation visit before you make the final decision.