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Tummy Tuck Phoenix AZ

Also known as abdominoplasty, tummy tuck surgery is procedure that helps both men and women achieve a firmer, well-toned belly when diet and exercise is not reducing the . Tummy tuck cosmetic procedures are especially popular with new mothers and women who have lost a significant amount of weight and thus have loose skin on their belly. Dr. LaBarbera helps patients in Gilbert, Scottsdale, Phoenix, and other Arizona areas attain a more toned abdominal profile by removing loose skin and fat, all while tightening the abdominal muscles in the process.

Dr. Jude LaBarbera performs abdominoplasty to help patients feel confident about themselves with or without shirt on. When searching for the best option for tummy tuck Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, and Scottsdale AZ can provide, we encourage our patients to do their research by viewing our before and after gallery on our website and on Dr. LaBarbera’s Instagram. The tummy tuck procedure may also benefit women who are unable to wear some outfits because they are conscious about a excess skin promoting a sagging stomach.



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Dr. LaBarbera is devoted to providing the highest quality of surgical excellence and a superior level of care for each patient. With skill and expertise in the latest cosmetic and reconstructive surgery techniques, Jude LaBarbera MD, Plastic Surgery can help you achieve astounding results that can enhance your appearance as well as your confidence. Dr. LaBarbera is a double board certified plastic surgeon in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Gilbert AZ and specializes in tummy tucks.  He uses his knowledge, surgical talents, and patient-focused approach to ensure you are guided by caring hands at each step along the way.

Pricing Information for Your Tummy Tuck

The cost of a tummy tuck will vary from one patient to the other – depending on factors such as whether they need full tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck, Fleur-De-Lis, Extended, or Plus Size tummy tuck surgery. Dr. Jude LaBarbera performs tummy tuck surgery in Phoenix, Mesa, or Gilbert with supported by a team of highly professional and licensed staff.

Before & After Tummy Tuck Photos


Before and After Tummy Tuck in Gilbert, AZ
Tummy Tuck in Phoenix AZ | Gilbert Abdominoplasty plastic surgeon
abdominoplasty before and after

Different Types of Tummy Tucks


This is usually the best tummy tuck option Phoenix AZ patients tend to inquire. It is an excellent choice for patients who want to flatten their abdomen above and below the belly button. During the full tummy tuck surgery, the plastic surgeon makes a horizontal incision between the hips, and around the belly button. The next step is to remove excess skin and fat tissue, then pull the remaining abdominal muscle and skin tightly over the belly. The surgeon will then reposition the belly button and close incisions with sutures.

Full tummy tuck surgery may be the best option for healthy men and women who have extra-large midsection skin, or weakened abdominal muscles. A full tummy tuck procedure is performed under general anesthesia, and most patients need to prepare for a recovery time of 2 – 4 weeks before resumption of normal activities.


A mini tummy tuck is less invasive than a full abdominoplasty. You may qualify for a mini tummy tuck if you are a patient who wishes to address the abdominal area below the belly button. Many slender patients with a “belly pooch” (small lower abdomen bulge) qualify for a mini tummy tuck. The plastic surgeon will create a small horizontal incision below the belly button, then extract excess skin before tightening abdominal muscles and closing the incision. For a mini tummy tuck Scottsdale patients can expect it to be less invasive, thus repositioning of the belly button is not needed. Mini tummy tucks are usually performed under general anesthesia and patients typically just require 1 week in recovery before they can resume normal activities.


This is the most invasive of all abdominoplasty procedures. This procedure will target the full abdomen, as well as the hips and love handles, and is generally a great option for individuals with overall good health who wish to totally reshape the upper body. Your Gilbert tummy tuck surgeon will create a horizontal incision stretching across the lower abdomen and extending farther out on each side than a traditional tummy tuck. Surplus tissues will be removed, and the remaining abdominal muscles tightened. The surgeon will then use liposuction to get rid of excess fat in the love handle and hip regions. The final step is to reposition the belly button and then close the incision. Patients usually need 3-4 weeks in recovery before they can resume normal activities after an extended tummy tuck surgery. When researching the best options for tummy tuck Gilbert AZ can provide, we encourage our patients to view our tummy tuck before and after pictures gallery on our website.


The Fleur De Lis tummy tuck is typically performed on post bariatric patients who have a substantial amount of excess skin. Usually these patients have lost 100 pounds or more. This procedure removes the skin horizontally just like a traditional tummy tuck, but it also removes skin vertically. It is often performed in tandem with a full body lift, which is the removal of excessive skin in multiple areas of the body. This highly specialized tummy tuck procedure has two incision placements. One will be horizontally on the lower abdomen (just like a traditional tummy tuck) and the other will be vertical on the midline. When the incisions join, they will appear to form an upside down “T” or Fleur De Lis. Once the loose skin and fat are removed, the plastic surgeon will pull the adnominal muscles together if necessary.


A Tummy Tuck on Plus Size individuals is for patients who have high BMI. This is for patients from 150 pounds, 220 pounds, or even 250 pounds. While there are still requirements for plus size women and men, Dr. LaBarbera is trained to perform plus size abdominoplasty on overweight individuals who’s weight loss efforts are not producing necessary results for a standard tummy tuck.

Patient Testimonials


“I have wanted to have a tummy tuck for years! After an exhaustive search I choose Dr. LaBarbera to do my surgery. Since I was 2 hours from the clinic I choose to do a virtual consultation. It was so convenient and easy to do!  – T.C.

“Dr. LaBarbera went over any beyond what I ever could have expected. He performed the Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck on me and not only was his work impeccable, but also his professionalism and bedside manner.” – H.H.

“I was his last surgery in Alabama before moving to Arizona and I promise if I decide to have any other surgeries I will be on a plane to Arizona for him to do my surgery.  – A.P.

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At Jude LaBarbera Plastic Surgery of Gilbert, Mesa, and Phoenix AZ area, you’ll be taken care of by a compassionate staff and highly trained plastic surgeon in Phoenix with the unique skills, experience and artistic eye dedicated to providing patients with the best plastic surgery Phoenix,  Scottsdale, Mesa, and Gilbert AZ can expect. You are invited to learn more about our procedures or to ask any specific questions about your concerns. Contact us on our website or call us to schedule your in-person consultation and meet with Dr. LaBarbera to explore your solutions today!


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